/ Daniel Bruzual


The following is a list of values that are important in my life. They are the principles that dictate how I like to live.

Compiling them into a list means that they are not only feelings or abstract ideas in my mind, but concrete ideas that I can develop further. By writing them down, I expect to remember them in everyday life.

These values have come from own experiences, and also from people I admire.

1. Ask

When appropriate, always ask the question. It is common to feel a know in the gut, and stay quiet. Wether it is a question that will make me seem stupid, might lead to a rejection, or there is a very small chance of getting what you want, ASK!

2. Be positive

For me this connects directly with confidence. I am positive because I have the firm belief that my life is under my control, and that I am achieving everything that I want.

Live a positive life and be happy, healthy, smart, creative.

3. Find solutions

Every problem has a solution. A problem is an opportunity. It is a chance to use your creativity and come up with improvements or innovations.

When faced with a difficult situation, don’t focus your attention on worrying and stress. Rather, devote your whole attention to finding solutions.

4. Use time wisely

Time is very limited and it is very easy to spread yourself too thin by trying too many things at the same time. Pick few things at a time and focus on those. There are many years to achieve the rest.

About relationships. Don’t waste time with people who you do not feel absolutely connected/interested/attracted to. If there is something else that you would rather be doing, or someone else you would rather be with, pursue that. Too often we comply with others because we don’t want to say no. Time is too volatile to waste.

… to be continued as I realise more values